October 12, 2019 2 min read

Our new Recycled Jersey is our proudest and most sustainable piece of apparel yet. We have taken all the best features of our most recent jersey and upgraded them while adding enhanced features. 

We always striving to be better and improve. This jersey is a testament to that. We worked hard to ensure this is our best performing and most sustainable jersey yet.

Producing high-quality apparel in a sustainable way is always a priority for us. We try to reduce our carbon impact in every way possible. This is why this jersey made with recycled material is so important for us. 

Along with the recycled materials, there are many other features about this new jersey that we are excited about. Here are some of the main highlights of this new version. 

Recycled Materials

This jersey takes sustainable fashion to a new meaning, it can actually be considered sustainable performance fashion. Aimed at performance with sustainability in our hearts. this jersey uses recycled fabrics in order to reduce our impact and consumption. 

We use materials that have been converted from a waste product to be given a new life. Instead of being thrown into the trash, we reuse these materials in order to make these jerseys. The result is a smaller impact on our plant and a super soft and performance-orientated jersey. 

We are very proud to take this step as it reduces our overall footprint and brings us closer to our goal of being a completely zero-waste company. 

Aerodynamic Sleeves

This jersey has a new and improved aerodynamic sleeve. This sleeve, while super aerodynamic, is also very soft and comfortable. Similar to our past version of our Jersey these sleeves fit snug and long for maximum comfort and performance. They wick away sweat really well and leave you with that dry feeling throughout your entire ride. 

Improved Mid Section 

This jersey was built and designed to fit seamlessly through the midsection. We aimed to eliminate any slack or folding in the midsection. In addition, we set out to improve the length of the front and the back of the jersey and bring them closer to length for a more consistent fit. 

Semi-Auto Lock Vislon Zipper 

We wanted to have a zipper that performed the absolute best in all conditions. A zipper that you can slide up and down easily with one hand and that auto-locks to avoid unwanted slipping. We also added a clean, comfortable and easy to use a pulley. 

We are super excited about this jersey and the platform is set for us to continue to build on and develop in the future. We are always striving to be better and we promise we will continue to improve and provide high-quality products that keep pushing the limits of how close to zero waste we can possibly get.  

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