May 01, 2018 3 min read

With a slightly heavy heart I'm writing this post to inform you that last night I decided that Vegan Athletic will no longer operate under a pre-order business model.

Unfortunately, our factory isn't able to commit to the initially agreed manufacture time frame of 3-4 weeks from order in, to finished products shipped out. It was a very ideal process that I was hoping would all work out as planned, but in reality it has turned out that they just don't have the power to make our apparel in such a short time frame. Now to be honest, I'm ok with that. I'd rather continue to commit to an ethically responsible manufacturer who are slower and just change the way the business operates instead. What I'm not ok with is that you are all still waiting for your gear to arrive and I can't apologise enough for this delay. I'm really sorry ya'll.

The pre-order model has been great for injecting cash flow and capital into Vegan Athletic. It has enabled the brand to get up on its feet financially and I really want to thank you all for your orders to date. But the problem is that we are now well into the 6th week for the first batch of orders to be finished when by now, you should all have them in your hands. That first week's order was huge and it really pushed the factory for trying to stick to that 3-4 week period. I had many emails back and forth with the factory about them doing their best to meet the deadline but unfortunately, it just wasn't realistic.

So with all that, I have set stock levels to zero in the shop. You can still register to be informed when a particular item you like is back in stock but for the next month or so I am going to use the profit that has come from all your pre-orders to stock up with. This means that your orders in the future will be packed and shipped within 48hrs from Melbourne. No more manufacturing time frame to add.

For everyone who has ordered under the pre-order system, I'll be sending you all an email over the next week with a discount code that you can use for future purchases when the shop opens back up to say thank you, but also to say sorry for the delay.

The positive out of all of this is that you have all basically invested in the company. You've given Vegan Athletic a foot up and helped put some money in the bank when it was only being funded by me, no other investors have put a dollar into this brand apart from myself which is why I've got myself a part time job and stopped working as a freelance designer, all so I can keep investing into Vegan Athletic. I'm looking at the last 6 weeks as a tiny kickstarter campaign. Which is why I'm going to hook you all up with a thank you code to get a discount on your future orders. So thank you, everyone. I really appreciate it but didn't expect I'd be having to steer the ship in another direction so soon.

Finally, those who ordered in the first week of September 5th to 12th can start to expect an email with your orders being shipped very soon. The final box of products will be arriving from the factory today, so I'll be a busy lad packing and shipping for the next week ahead.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding all of the above, please, send me an email I'm more than happy to explain any further details if you need to understand more.

Big Big love.
Daniel B

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