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March 08, 2018 1 min read

It's January 2018 and Vegan TDU is on again! A week of riding some of the best roads in Radelaide with a bunch of vegan cyclists during the Tour Down Under!

We have stripped it back a little this year in terms of organized rides  wanting everyone to have some more flexibility in and around the week of events as it can be a little too hard logistically to cater to everyone's needs. 

Below is a list of what is on with either rides or meeting points over the entire week. For all days/stages that are not included below, we encourage everyone to use the Facebook Page to post what rides they will be doing if they are open for others to join them. Just make sure you explain the ride in as much detail as you can for others to get an idea of what you're planning on doing.

— Contact Details
The best way to be in contact over the week is to join the Vegan Tour Down Under Facebook group. If you don't have Facebook then you can send an email through to info@veganathleticapparel.com and we will get back to you asap.

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Sizing Chart

We understand that size charts are scary things to deal with at the best of times. But we have put a lot of research, testing and measuring into our charts. They aren't generic, they are specific to the Vegan Athletic range and will give you a very good indication of what your "Perfect Fit" is.

Use the chest, and waist dimensions for determining products you wear from your hips up and use the hips/butt and denim/pant size dimensions to determine what size you are for products you wear from the hips down. We've even added a female dress size conversion table that aligns with our sizing to help incase you don't have measuring tape on hand.

If you are still not sure what size you are, then please feel free to send an email with your weight, height, chest, waist, hip, dress or pant sizing to info@veganathleticapparel.com and we will be more than happy to help you find that perfect fit.