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Tech-Fleece Jacket (Navy)

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The desire to be extremely flexible and warm while we Ride, Run and Rest was how our Tech-Fleece Jacket was born. Given its need to support three different disciplines it became one of the most tested and prototyped products we have made to date. 

Different activities require different needs when it comes to designing a cold weather jacket. Cyclists need pucker free panels and easy to access pockets on their backs. Runners need flexibility and moisture wicking fabric without added bulk. And we figured that our athletes should be able to wear Vegan Athletic apparel outside of training too. This jacket has your back in all those situations, giving you a lot more with a lot less.


We designed the Tech-Fleece jacket to last you a very, very long time. We sourced a bluesign® approved thermal brushed fleece fabric that behaves like nothing we have seen and tested in the past. It is manufactured and pre-dyed by our Italian fabric gurus M.I.T.I Spa, and has five defining features that made this the perfect material for our jacket. The fleece is extremely light in weight, has the ability to stretch 4-ways a lot like lycra, will breathe when body temperature is high, will pull sweat away without becoming moisture logged or heavy and has the dry time faster than anything we’ve used before… we are talking practically dry after the spin cycle in your washing machine!


Due to its high stretchability, the jacket has been shaped and sized to fit close to your skin. It sits just over the navel, high on the hips and dropped above the tail bone which prevents over puckering when bent over the bike and zero bounce when running. When fully zipped up, the jacket's tech-fleece acts like a natural insulating barrier that feels quite surprisingly like a warm and breathable second skin.

The jacket comes in two options based on your individual needs. The duel zipper features a single invisible rear pocket with two access zippers built into the seams of the rear back panel. You can wear the duel zipper on the bike, while running and it works casually too, but for those wanting to use the jacket purely for cycling, we have included a 3 Pocket option as well.

Made Just For You

Read about our "Ethical On Demand" manufacturing model and shipping times.

86% Polymide 14% Elastane

Care Guide
When washing, always turn inside out, close any zippers, buttons or velcro on other garments in the same wash cycle and wash in cool water by hand or on a gentle washing machine cycle. Try using plant based and biodegradable washing liquid or dissolved powder that is not tested on animals. Wash dark colours separately. Do not bleach. Do not twist or wring. Hang dry inside-out to avoid any sun fading. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Only tumble dry on a low heat setting. Do your best to avoid contact with rough surfaces like brick walls or concrete.

Sizing Suggestions
The Tech Fleece Jacket is designed to fit snug. The arms should fit tight which helps the tech-fleece to regulate your temperature and quickly evaporate any sweat that builds up on the skin surface. The tech-fleece is highly stretchable so you won't feel constricted even though the fabric is thick. 

Our Vegan Athletic Size Charts will help you find your size. Once you have determined your perfect fit, you have two alternative options to think about. If you would like your fit to be a race/aerodynamic fit, then go down one size from your perfect fit. If you'd like to wear it as a club/relaxed fit, go up one size from you perfect fit.

— Our male model Conor is wearing a race fit and our female model Olivia is wearing a perfect fit zipped up.