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Vegan Athletic Food is a comprehensive 61-page digital publication that aims to help optimize athletic performance through better nutritional strategies and recipes. Volume One is broken into six chapters that cover the core principles and protocols for fueling and hydrating with whole “vegan” ingredients.

From professional cyclists to recreational running mums, junior athletes to club footballers, Vegan Athletic Food has been written and created to help improve any active lifestyle or profession through maintaining a whole food, nutrient focussed vegan diet.

We built, designed and integrated a number of unique features that will help you enjoy a far more practical user experience. These features include; 

  • Narrow column paragraphs that allows the user to double-tap to zoom and read comfortably in a portrait orientation for mobile and tablet devices.

  • Live links to live references online as well as internal pages for easier navigation.

  • Published using the most up to date Digital Publication Standards for compression of all our HD photography which keeps the overall file size small while maintaining exceptional detail for images and text.

Volume One is a high-resolution multi-platform PDF (9MB) that will be available for you to download with a unique secure link that will last 24hrs after you have purchased the digital file. An email will also be sent to you with the same secure link to your copy of Vegan Athletic Food after the purchase has been successful.